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This is my happiest time trial, a very practical baby is also very wanted, I did not expect to wait until a few days finally arrive. Oh, happy, thank Taobao thank Shenzhen SureFire! Because of the needs of their work, the very need for such a flashlight at night can see very far, very clear, so thank you very much! Finally received the parcel, good freshman bag, opened the package, a lot of things, charger, flashlight, batteries, and so on. Really good flashlight picked up the heavy, a lot of weight, very heavy, to see that this is a genuine, Shenzhen surefire product quality is really good.
The fitted battery trial, press the back-end switch, torch light, very bright, oh hand rotation of the front of the circle, the light will be adjusting the focus will become larger illumination range, but according to the far. Unscrew the left becomes the range, but according to the far, far away, and full power. Even in the case of power shortage, raised to the power saving mode, it can still use Oh. And it is clear, flashing light more other features Oh! Girls night carry can be self-defense, the direct glare of the human eye can make people feel a momentary dizziness, Ms. evening out the essential self-defense tool Oh, the boys went out to play, Fishing what carry this very convenient and clear! Worthy of my greatest trial!
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Since the market for SupFire Flashlight, by consumers, the market began to appear a lot of fake and shoddy products, and a large number of very poor quality charger, battery seriously damage the interests of consumers, and to this end, the company decided SupFire domestic sales The product uses the security code security, China's regional security telephone dial: 4006883323 or edit security code send text messages to 12,114,100,167,698 check the authenticity, no such security codes or other security code are fake.
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