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  光源方面:品牌手电生产厂家都会采用原装进口美国大功率CREE发光源,CREE芯片性能稳定,光能转换效率高,而且质量比普通的国产LED芯片会好几倍,当然价格方面也相当于普通的十几至几百倍,同时随着人们对更加亮的视觉追求,CREE公司推出更高亮度级别的LED,从开始非常流行220流明的Q5到现在普遍使用410流明R5,部分使用到达800-1000流明CREE XM-L T6/U2。中低端品牌手电普遍使用国产LED,目前也有部分使用CREE系列光源,不过大多数为上海工厂代工,性能还是没有达到美国原产CREE!









cree led参数




  这是CREE LED的参数,超过这个一般就是虚标了.




  Q5 →350mA 亮度107-114 Lumens,最大电流1000mA(可达220-250lm


  Q4 →350mA 亮度100.4-107 Lumens,最大电流1000mA


  Q3 →350mA 亮度93.9-100.4 Lumens,700mA 亮度152.1-162.6 Lumens


  Q2→350mA 亮度87.4-93.9 Lumens,700mA 亮度141.6-152.1 Lumens


  P4 →350mA 亮度80.6-87.4 Lumens,700mA 亮度130.6-141.6 Lumens


  P3→350mA 亮度73.9-80.6 Lumens,700mA 亮度119.7-130.6 Lumens







LED Flashlight High Power single [and] light-emitting diode as a light source, commonly used aluminum alloy as a Flashlight material or particles, 26650,18650 such as rechargeable lithium batteries and Cr123, C, AA, AAA alkaline dry batteries provide energy efficient the microcomputer chip or PCB connection, to issue super bright lighting tool!
Light source: the brand flashlight manufacturers will adopt the original imports of U.S. high-power CREE hair light source, CREE chip performance and stability, high efficiency of energy conversion, and the quality is several times more than ordinary domestic LED chip will, of course, price is also equivalent to ordinary ten a few to a few hundred times, 220 Lumen Q5 to 410 lumens R5, is now widely used and partially used from the start is very popular with people more bright visual pursuit, CREE has introduced a higher level of brightness LED reaches 800-1000 lumens CREE XM-L T6/U2. In the low-end brand flashlight universal use of domestic LED is also some use CREE series light source, but most of the OEM factory in Shanghai, the performance still does not meet U.S. origin CREE!
Optical glass: according to usage requirements, widespread use of two types of optical glass, glossy metal reflector cup, the light is very concentrated, reflecting a more perfect spot light cup, suitable for long distance illumination, hunting, exploration and use of the environment, ; orange peel metal reflector cup floodlight effect, diffuse reflectance clearance, irradiation of a wide range of clear for close range illumination.
Flashlight material: aluminum between performance can also cause a lot of the price gap,
Brand flashlights and more using the highest level of aircraft-grade aluminum T7075, T6061, this material is ultra-corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and easy precision machining, flashlight made of this material, appearance is very delicate, deep clear thread sealing performance is very good, feel very good, the best aluminum, but the price is a little expensive!
Battery options: have a great impact on the brightness and life of the battery rival electric, lithium battery can be used repeatedly, and has the capacity and high, has a longer overall endurance, the largely cost savings, but not easy to buy into single life is short, dry cells are better able to play the efficacy of high-power LED, high stability, and the single use of a long time, and easy to buy, but the batteries need to be changed frequently, the cost of an increase in foreign people in general like dry batteries, domestic friends most of them choose lithium battery.
cree led parameters
CREE LED parameters exceed the general vacuity.
Cree's LED is now developed to the level of the S2, the the specific luminous efficiency can participate in the right icon, at the same time some of the initial parameters are listed below:
Q5 → 350mA brightness 107-114 Lumens, maximum current of 1000mA (up to 220-250lm
Q4 → 350mA brightness 100.4-107 Lumens, maximum current of 1000mA
Q3 → 350mA brightness 93.9-100.4 Lumens, 700mA brightness 152.1-162.6 Lumens
Q2 → 350mA brightness 87.4-93.9 Lumens, 700mA brightness 141.6-152.1 Lumens
P4 → 350mA brightness 80.6-87.4 Lumens, 700mA brightness 130.6-141.6 Lumens
P3 → 350mA brightness 73.9-80.6 Lumens, 700mA brightness 119.7-130.6 Lumens
HID super light flashlight
Ultra-light flashlight
hid super light flashlight flashlight for high-intensity gas discharge, high technology content, the use of high-tech xenon gas into the quartz tube, and then 12 volts of electricity instantly raised to 23,000 volts through sophisticated ballast xenon electronic excitation tube free In between the two electrodes form a bunch of super arc light continued to glow, military flashlight light not only shone brighter, also illuminate the broader, due to the super white arc xenon light similar to daylight sunlight, the same power HID lights, the brightness is about 3 times more tungsten halogen handle all types of emergencies for all kinds of enterprises and institutions at night (or under poor lighting source), engineering equipment repair, mining and exploration operations, fishing boats offshore operations, ship container and cabin operations, rail operations, night wild emergency repair work is to provide a safe, reliable, high-brightness mobile lighting.
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