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Increasing luminous efficiency of LED light source, high-speed progress in the kingdom policy support and capital investment, the domestic LED industry, the domestic LED technology also began to mature, the price will be a big reduction, I believe that cost-effective soonwill enter the family of ordinary people.
    Equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Shenhuo photoelectric LED flashlight production at the factory by the strict inspection by the waterproof test, the RCC test, switch life test, drop test, low temperature test. Strive to ensure that our products at the factory to maintain the quality and reliability of quality in a variety of environments. Flashlight whole system using the aviation aluminum environmentally friendly, can be recycled many times the use of materials with high strength, toughness, and a variety of processing performance. For example, after the oxidation of hard, its hardness can be achieved HRC55 or more.
    The conductive properties of the aluminum after the silver and copper, but because the density is only one-third of the copper, lighter weight, is preferred manufacture of electronic products. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is relatively high, three times higher than iron contribute to the heat dissipation of flashlight. Aluminum look meticulous precision protective oxide film, less vulnerable to corrosion, the metal is not rusty. Aluminum collision will not produce sparks, do use aluminum flashlight safe to use in special circumstances.
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